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Our sports organisation also runs a football school with full teams.

If you have an active child and are thinking about which sport to send him or her to, we have thought of that for you! To the FootballPlanet football school, of course. In our club:

professional coaches
year-round lessons in comfortable…


Training sessions in small groups

Training in groups of up to 8 people is FootballPlanet\’s most popular destination. With this method, the player develops not only his own individual skills but also gets the opportunity to work with partners: develop his interaction skills in team actions, improve his understanding of the game, hone…

1 on 1 personal training

FootballPlanet hosts coached 1 on 1 training for young players as well as professional footballers!

Don\’t miss the opportunity to improve by training with our coaches! The stronger player, the more opportunities open up for him on the football field!

Contact us, choose your coach and start training at a convenient…